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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Woohooo! I’m on holiday this week!

Hold All My CallsIt’s been a while since I took more than a single day at a time away from my business

I don’t think I’ve managed it since I got back from my UK trip in June.  I swore that I’d start taking full weekends off again… but the reality is that that hasn’t happened.

And I’m noticing the effects.  The new work practices I set up helped – while I was using them.  But they kind of disappeared in the leadup to the launch, and now I’m finding myself feeling tired, burnt out and uninspired again.

And people? This is exactly how I DIDN’T want to feel when I started my business!

I’d actually planned to take a week off in mid-September… and then totally forgot about it when I started planning out the launch for my introvert programme. 

(Which, incidentally, isn’t happening this time around.  I’ll write a post that details why, and what I’ve learned from it, once I’m back. For now though, the key point is that I’m taking this coming week off instead.)

So yes.  Let’s acknowledge that it’s time 🙂

Plus, I suspect there are some pretty major changes coming

On top of needing a break, I know there are a few significant changes I need to make to the way I run Crystal Clarity. Not just the work practices, which, as I mentioned have kind of reverted to the “bad old days” during the launch.  I also need to change the way I actually structure things in my business. 

Even before my latest introvert programme launch – let’s not beat around the bush here – bombed, I knew I wanted to separate all of the introvert-focussed work I do out into its own area.  I wanted to create a new website, FB page and blog for it.  Again, I’ll talk more about all of this once I’m back.

For now, it’s enough to acknowledge to myself that I need to take a little time out – probably just a week – completely away from my business. Enough – I hope – to hit the reset button on my brain. 

So here’s the plan for the next week and a bit…

Next week (October 7-11 NZ time) I’m going to do my damndest to disconnect entirely from Crystal Clarity.  No checking email.  No posting to business FB groups.  No thinking about ANYTHING business-related. For an entire week.

I can’t actually remember the last time I did that. Even when I was on holiday in the UK, I was working part of the time. I probably didn’t go for longer than 2-3 days at a stretch without checking in and/or doing some client work. And that was while I was on holiday.

This time, when I take my break, I’m not even doing that.  Instead, I’ll be doing a LOT of as little as possible.  Sleeping in. Reading trashy urban fantasy books. Watching even trashier DVDs (my latest obsession is the Violent Amoral Unicorn of Justice, aka John Reese in Person of Interest).  Non-businessy journaling. Maybe a little cross-stitch. And hopefully, a lot of exercise and healthy eating.

And then, after my week off is over, I’m taking the following Monday and Tuesday as a business retreat. I’ll spend that time planning out exactly how I want this new introverted part of my business to unfold.  Ideally, from a place of being rested, relaxed and recharged.

Here’s what the plan means for you

In short, I won’t be around to answer emails, reply to Facebook messages, or respond to contact form enquiries for the next week.

However, my lovely VA, Tina will be checking my email and generally making sure my business doesn’t fall over without me.  And then I’ll be back on board on Wednesday 16th October, NZ time.  Hopefully full to the brim of energy, enthusiasm, and new, exciting ideas for where I want Crystal Clarity to go.

Cross your fingers for me!

One response to “Woohooo! I’m on holiday this week!”

  1. Good for you, Tanja! I hope you have some lovely, nourishing time away.
    I also like that you’re taking a business retreat before you jump back in. I think I will copy you for my holiday break/annual planning. Thanks!

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