Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Here’s what you can expect from my editing and proofing work…

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Also note: all editing services for books to be published in print are provided in collaboration with editing specialist par extraordinaire, Tamara Protassow)


Tanja and Tamara took all the guesswork out of everything, which made things so much easier for me!

Amanda_updatedI realised fairly early on in my book-writing process that I was too close to the content to see the things that really needed improving.  I knew what I was writing about, so it all just made sense to me as I read back through it.  I knew I needed to get a second (and third!) pair of eyes to show me the issues I couldn’t see myself.

Tamara and Tanja worked really well together as an editing team: Tamara checked the overall flow and structure, while Tanja looked at the more detailed editing. Between the two of them, they did an awesome job of ensuring that it all made sense, and then added that extra polish that a finished, professional book needs.

What made their work so unique was that they did all this while respecting and even enhancing my authentic writing voice.  I’d had other people offer unsolicited editing feedback, but their changes made the writing sound NOTHING like me – so I really appreciated Tanja and Tamara’s approach.

Throughout the process, they were friendly, organised, and easy to work with.  They took all the guesswork out of everything, which made things so much easier for me.  I’d absolutely recommend their editing services to other authors who want to hand their publisher a professional, polished manuscript without having to stress out about how to get it that way!

Amanda Sterling, published author: The Humane Workplace


Tanja made my whole ebook seem more polished…

Ebook editing testimonial from Stuart Mills of Limitless Believing “I’ve only released one ebook since I first started my online journey, but I already know who I’ll use for proofreading and editing for further projects. My ebook compiled contributions from various bloggers, and it looked… OK… at first glance.

Then Tanja offered to proofread and edit it, and I accepted. I was highly impressed with her changes. Tanja made the whole product seem polished. It looked better, more refined and exact: I was amazed at how much difference small, precise changes could make.

I highly recommend Tanja for any copywriting, editing, and/or proofreading work. She possesses a talent that will produce excellent results, and a patience that will ensure consistent quality.”

Stuart Mills, Limitless Believing


Tanja’s many helpful suggestions helped me write a better ebook…

Testimonial from Loran Hills of Loran's Heart“Tanja helps people who want to make a positive difference. I meet the description because I want to help people improve their lives. I love to write too, but when I tried to put together my first ebook, it was a mess. All my information was jumbled and vague. The transitions were rough.

I sent what I had to Tanja and she edited and proofed the entire document thoroughly. She made so many beneficial suggestions, identified a lot of awkward sentences and found my faulty punctuation.

I was able to write a better, clearer ebook with a more consistent tone. I think she’s brilliant!  It’s been so helpful to have someone like Tanja help me with my project. ”

Loran Hills, Loran’s Heart


Tanja makes every step of the writing process clear…

“Tanja is a joy to work with. She makes every step of the writing process clear and easy to understand and her comments are practical, useful and highly professional. I now have a much clearer sense of who I am writing for, and how to best get my message across.”

Antara, The Witches’ Table




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