Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Extra support for your copywriting package

Social Media Mini-Campaigns

Most people won’t buy something straight from Facebook or Twitter unless they already know you. However, social media can still be invaluable for spreading the word about your offering.

Good social media posts also encourage your tribe members to get the word out to their tribes for you. The problem is that summing up the essential benefits of your offering in just 140 characters can be absolutely crazy-making.

The Social Media Mini Campaign is a co-ordinated series of 10 (or more) ready-to-go social media posts for your Twitter or Facebook followers. It’s designed to provide easily shareable social media support for your sales page – so as many people as possible end up seeing your offer.

The package includes:

Cost (starts at):

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Editing services

Need help ensuring your ebook, brochure, or opt-in gift is as professional and persuasive as possible, while making sure you stay true to your own unique voice?

In addition to writing copy from scratch, I have a wealth of experience with editing longer documents for both entrepreneurial and corporate clients.  I’ve worked extensively in the IT and natural healthcare industries; as well as for coaches, healers, graphic designers and yoga teachers.  I can advise you on:

Cost:  $US90/hour for projects of up to 10,000 words. For longer projects, we can negotiate a flat project fee that reflects the size, complexity and work involved.

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PLUS, FOR BOOK AUTHORS: if you need to transform your existing manuscript draft into a professional, publisher-ready book that will establish your authority and build your credibility, I can help!

I now offer book editing services in partnership with non-fiction editor par extraordinaire, Tamara Protassow. For more information,  check out Team T’n’T Editing Services.



Already written text you’re happy with, and just want someone to cast a professional eye over it to catch those pesky typos, grammar issues, jargon and ambiguities?  I can help! Not only do spelling mistakes jump off the page at me, but I’m also an expert in spotting those annoying sentences that just don’t end up meaning what you intended them to.

Note that proofreading does NOT mean changing your writing voice, or making you sound so painfully grammatically correct that you become stiff and formal. My approach to grammar rules is that their purpose is to make your meaning clearer. If something’s perfectly clear and flows smoothly the way you’ve written it, I’ll leave it alone: even if you’ve split an infinitive or stuck a preposition at the end of your sentence.

You can use this service to proofread any kind of copy – from web pages to brochures to ebooks.  And the “per word” rate means you know exactly how much it will cost before we start, which means no nasty surprise bills at the end!


Less than 10,000 words: $US30/1000 words ($30 minimum, then rounded up or down to the nearest 500 words)

10,000-100,000 words: $US25/1000 words

More than 100,000 words: $US20/1000 words

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