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Reader question: How do you sell without being sales-y and annoying?

How do you sell without being sales-y?

Sales-y, manipulative, annoying: none of us want to be any of those things, especially on our sales pages, right? The good news is that you don’t have to be. But how do you craft a sleaze-free sales page? Read on to find out!

Today’s sales-page-related reader question comes from Jayne Robinson of  Jayne is a confidence coach who helps people to look within themselves, clear their barriers, and rebuild their foundations – empowering them with newfound confidence.

Her sales page question is short and sweet, and it comes from a concern that’s familiar to pretty much EVERY heart-based business owner ever. She basically asks, How exactly do you sell without coming across as sales-y and annoying?

This is an awesome question, Jayne. The answer is actually at the heart of how I teach sales page writing (and almost every other kind of writing, for that matter). It’s also why I believe it’s so freaking important to teach good sales page techniques.  And that answer pretty much comes down to three factors:

  1. First, make sure your mindset isn’t tripping you up. Recognise that “selling” and “being sales-y” are two separate things, and know what differentiates them. Having something for sale doesn’t automatically make you sales-y.
  2. Second, change your approach to writing your sales pages. Shift from “selling my stuff to as many people as possible” to “helping people make a good, clear decision about whether or not my offer’s right for them”. Your sales page simply exists to educate readers about your offer, how it works, and who it’s for.
  3. Third, connect energetically with your ideal client. Do this before you start working on your page, then keep them front and centre of your mind as you write. Focus on the results you can offer, the difference it will make in their life, and how you can ultimately serve them. Without your sales page, they literally can’t get the help they need.

Let’s look at each of these factors in more depth.

1.    Does your mindset make you feel sales-ier than you really are?

Newbie heart-centred businessfolks often struggle with their mindsets around selling; but it can be a recurring issue for businesspeeps at all levels too.

Do you believe somewhere deep down that selling is inherently ugly and manipulative? That at its core, it’s about using tricks and techniques to convince people to buy things they don’t need with money they don’t have?

If so, you’re not alone; and unfortunately, many people out there DO sell like this. And if you (or people you know) are ever on the receiving end of this kind of sales-iness, you know you never want to do it to your own clients.

The trouble is that when you believe that ANY selling is a bad thing, you simply stop selling. You run your business waiting for the Universe to just drop customers into your lap presold and ready to go. (Tip – that’s NOT a great business strategy!)

If that’s an issue for you, realise that there’s a BIG difference between “selling” and “being sales-y”.

Selling effectively is really about letting the people who need your help know that it’s available, and how they can get it. It’s about being clear, authentic and genuine. Selling is ESSENTIAL for you, your business, and your clients. Without it, you can’t make a difference in people’s lives.

Being sales-y, on the other hand is all the hype-y, pushy, manipulative “Buy now or the puppy gets it!” stuff. And the good news is that you categorically don’t need to use these techniques to sell.

2.    Change your approach to “Helping your readers get clear”

I’ve talked quite a bit in other posts about what a sales page actually is and what its purpose is (and isn’t).The Cliff’s notes version, however, is that if you change your approach from “convincing people to buy” to “helping them to get clear on whether your offer’s right for them”, writing your sales page gets a whole lot easier!

This shift in perspective helps to settle many of the sales-related mindset wobbles in the previous section.  When you know within yourself that you’re coming from a perspective of helping your potential client (not persuading them), everything else is more likely to just flow.

Plus, more practically, it gives you a yardstick to measure every sentence, subheading and bullet point on the page by. Not sure whether to include something in your copy? Ask yourself, “Does this thing help my reader to get clear on whether my offer is right for them, or make it easier for them to buy/sign up if so?”

If the answer isn’t a clear “Yes”, chances are that that thing shouldn’t be on your page.

3.    Connect, and stay connected with your ideal clients on a heart level

One of the ickiest things about manipulative, pushy, sales-y marketing is that it treats its reader as “a means to an end”.  Rather than connecting with them as human beings, it sees them as nothing more than dollar signs: potential buyers who need to be cajoled, persuaded and even bullied into becoming the next sale.

To avoid this, it’s really important to connect energetically with your ideal clients before you start writing your sales page. Then keep them in mind during, and even after the process.

Three ways to do this are:

(Bonus Tip: use the words and phrases that come up in these exercises on your actual sales page to start crafting a powerful, authentic offer for your ideal client.)

When you write your page from this place of energetic connection, you create copy that you (and they) feel really good about. And there’s no sleazy manipulation or annoying sales-iness required.

Need more help?

Jayne, I hope this perspective on selling without being sales-y resonates for you!

And for everyone else – if you’re still struggling with this question, and need a little one-to-one help with it, there are two options:

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