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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Reader Question: When’s the best time to get sales page help?

This is Post #3 in the “Reader Questions Answered” series

Have you ever wondered what the best time to get someone else involved in helping you with your sales page is?  And what the best WAY to get that help would be for you?

If so, you’re not alone: reader Claire Barton had exactly the same question. Claire is a  Planning, Productivity & Business Coach, a Recovering Perfectionist & ex-Yes-Girl, a podcaster, a blogger and a time bender at

Claire asked: “How do you know the right time to get someone else to write your sales page or do it yourself? And is it better to write it yourself in beta phase and then get a professional once you’ve ironed out all the kinks? Or vice versa?

And since I know this is a question a LOT of Crystal Clarity readers have, I was more than happy to answer it in this blog post 🙂

What you ABSOLUTELY need to have in place up front

Regardless of who’s going to create the initial draft of your page, there are a few things you NEED to know about your ideal reader before you start writing.

I wrote a blog post on those back in February – here’s a link to the 7 Questions to Ask Your Ideal Readers if you missed it. In short, the questions are:

  1. What do your ideal peeps struggle with most that you can help them with?
  2. What do they wish they could do that they can’t right now?
  3. What do they wish they didn’t have to do that they feel forced to right now?
  4. What would their life (or business) look like for them if they weren’t struggling with this thing?
  5. What have they already tried to fix the issue?
  6. Why hasn’t that worked for them?
  7. How will your solution be different for them?

Get really clear on those answers, and do NOT skip this step. You’ll need to know the answers to all seven questions before you type a word of your page (or get in touch with a copywriter).

If you’re struggling to figure out the answers, I’d suggest actually going back to your ideal peeps and asking them. (That or reach out to a marketing strategist, who may be able to help you get more clarity).

NOTE: It’s OK if you don’t know minor details before you get help

The second part of Claire’s question was about whether you should write the page yourself when you’re in beta, then get help after ironing out the kinks.

I think the answer to this is going to depend on what your version of “being in beta” is. If you’re still figuring out your core offering, and anything about those seven answers above is subject to change, I’d recommend holding off.  Changing something there could create a whole mess of rework for you and whoever you end up working with.

However, it’s OK if you’re just not sure about logistical details like:

You can easily change those just before the sales page goes live.

After that? You have OPTIONS

Of course, this wouldn’t be a Tanja post if I say at least ONCE that there really is no one right way. So once you’ve got the basics of your message down (which is what the answers to those questions will do), it’s time to look at what works for you.

I know the way that works best for me – but I also know that other copywriters out there work very differently. And that’s awesome, because hey, different clients prefer to work in different ways too. So…

Four questions to ask to figure out which option is right for you

To figure out whether a Done-for-You, Done-with-You or DIY option is going to work best for you, I’d suggest asking yourself a few questions. For example…

Not sure what help you need to get YOUR page done?

Claire, I hope that answered your question about when to get help with your sales page (or at least, started to!)

And if you’re NOT Claire, but you’re looking for help with YOUR upcoming sales page, it’s worth mentioning that have a range of options for you.

To find out the best one for you, why not book a free, no-obligation 60-minute discovery consult today.



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