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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Get copywriting clarity!

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You’re a difference-maker with something truly amazing to tell your tribe about

You've have a truly amazing offering to share with your tribe...You have a new offering that’s almost ready for release… and you know it’s going to change people’s lives. You’ve spent weeks – maybe even months – working on it.  You’ve put in late nights and early mornings to get it perfect, and make sure it helps your perfect clients to the absolute best of your ability.

Perhaps you’re launching a new programme.  Or introducing a new 1:1 service.  You might even be creating (or revamping) an entire website. Either way, you’re wracking your brains, struggling to answer the same essential question: How do you actually TELL people about it?”


You know you need copywriting support… you’re just not sure what…
... but you need help figuring out how to tell them about it

Maybe you just don’t have time to do all the copywriting yourself.  Or you know your writing skills aren’t as sharp as they need to be.  Regardless, nothing you put into words comes close to capturing the awesomeness of your offer without sounding… let’s face it… hype-y.

You know you need help, but you’re not sure what kind – let alone where to get it from.


That’s exactly what a “Make Your Message Crystal Clear” session will help you figure out

A "Make Your Message Crystal Clear" discovery session will help you answer your questionsA free no-obligation 60-minute “Make Your Message Crystal Clear” discovery consult will help you figure out exactly which steps you need to take next.    In it, I’ll ask you in-depth questions that will help you clarify:

If I’m the best person to help you with it, I’ll explain exactly what I can offer you.  If I’m not?  I’ll let you know up front, and either recommend someone else, or point you in another direction.  Trust me: I’m only interested in working together if we’re genuinely a great fit (my inner introvert is pretty firm on that).

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IMPORTANT!  You’ll get the most out of a Make Your Message Crystal Clear session if…

(Note: if you’re not sure of any of those things, I can recommend a couple of excellent marketing strategists!)


Why are the Make Your Message Crystal Clear discovery sessions free?

"Make Your Message Crystal Clear" discovery sessions are completely freeMy ad hoc copywriting rate is $US125/hour, so at the very least, a Make Your Message Crystal Clear session should cost $US125.

However, helping you figure out what you need and whether I’m the right person to help you get it is way more important to me than making a little quick cash.  Besides, until we’ve actually connected, how can you know whether you’ll want to work with me or not?

So. For both of these reasons, I’m offering no-obligation Make Your Message Crystal Clear sessions totally free.

BUT. I only have 3 client project slots available each month. 

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