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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

What I learned at #Ladyposse2017 (and what it means for you)

Officially, this year’s Heart Centred Business Conference is now over…

I’ve just spent a freaking AMAZING five days in Australia’s Sunshine Coast, four of which were at Tash Corbin’s Heart Centred Business Conference (AKA #Ladyposse2017).

The speakers were pretty much all fantastic. And I learned – and, perhaps more importantly, felt prompted to implement – so freaking much. For example:

And there was a bunch of social stuff too that I unfortunately just didn’t have the energy to take advantage of. (For some reason, I wasn’t just dealing with my usual uber-introversion this conference. I also got a massive HSP flareup that meant I didn’t deal well with the roaring wall-of-noise that naturally happens whenever ~80-odd people get chatting with each other in small areas.)


But by far the most powerful part for me was the VIP day

I’ll be honest – I was a little nervous last September about the cost of a VIP ticket.  But it was WORTH it – enough that I’m already signed up again as a VIP for the 2019 conference.

Why? Because getting to experience a small group mastermind (and when I say “small”, I mean “two other people”) with each of the four expert speakers face-to-face was brilliant. And getting their ideas, feedback and recommendations to craft my individual plan for the next few months? Well, I suspect I’d have needed to pay a lot more than that if I’d done it outside of the conference.

So what did I discover during the quality time I spent with each of those speakers?


So based on that, here are the changes I’m making (and what they mean for you)

You know how when you go to some conferences or business events, you come away with eleventy billion ideas that you’re excited about (but know you’ll NEVER end up implementing)? Well, this wasn’t THAT kind of conference.

So after making the above discoveries, here are the changes I’ll be making over the next few weeks:


Not sure whether a sales page package is right for you?

I totally get that even the current price (let alone the new one) can feel like a lot to invest in your launch. And that’s especially true if you’re not sure about the return you’ll get on that investment.

Because I’ve always understood that reaction, I’ve never taken on clients until AFTER we’ve had a chance to sit down and talk with each other in a “Make Your Message Crystal Clear” Discovery Session. That’s a free, one-hour consult where I get crystal clear about you, your business, your values, your clients, and now the results your sales page got last time around too.

I’ll only suggest working together if I’m confident that a new sales page will improve those results. If not, I’ll make sure I refer you on to someone whose services WILL.

Want to book a free “Make Your Message Crystal Clear” session? Click here!



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