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Marketing Strategy the Heart-Centred Way – Interview with Jenna Black


This is the third post in my Heart Centred Marketing Strategist interview series.

Today, I’d like to introduce you to Jenna Black – another business friend I met in Tash Corbin’s Heart Centred group.

With 9 years of working in digital strategy behind her, Jenna has some great tips to share about how to make your heart-based marketing more effective.

1.  Hi Jenna – first up, I want to acknowledge that “heart-centred marketing strategy” covers a lot of ground. How do YOU describe what you do and who you do it for?

I’m a business mentor, specialising in money mindset, alignment and personal branding.

The women I support are often solopreneurs building a business around their passion and purpose – mostly coaches, creatives and healers. I work with my tribe to help them bust through mindset blocks, create alignment in their business and build their personal brand to boost their impact and influence with their dream tribe.

I work with my clients in different creative ways, including 1:1 mentoring, group masterminds and digital programs and products.

2. Why did you originally decide to go into this line of work; and what do you love about doing it now?

I originally started as a health coach, after leaving my digital strategy job. I’d been working in online businesses for 9 years, working from the ground up in copywriting, marketing and digital ecommerce strategy; but I felt that inner voice nudging me to something more rewarding!

After health coaching for a few months, I quickly realised it wasn’t for me, but the business side of things lit me up. I took my 9 years experience and found a new, beautiful tribe of female entrepreneurs that has led me to doing this work today.

I truly love this work because I believe in the power of women building a business around what they love to do. The women I work with are changing the world with their purpose-driven businesses, and it’s humbling and so rewarding to be a part of their journey.

3. I’ve said that the first step in writing to connect is to clearly understand who your tribe is, and what’s important to them. What are your thoughts on that?

I completely agree! It’s vital to understand your tribe and their deepest wants, needs, fears and dreams. I do this work with my clients to help them feel clear and aligned to their community.

One of my favourite practical tips is to create a ‘dream client’ and write your content as if you are always speaking to just them. This opens up your communication, and allows your true voice to shine through.

4. What practical steps can someone take to get a clearer understanding of exactly who their tribe is and what they want?

I always say that clarity comes from taking action. Get out there and start chatting to people, working with people, and being a very active listener.

Sometimes the best ideas come from everyday conversations. Often we can assume what our community want; but when we chat to people, we get a deeper understanding from their perspective.

I also recommend being curious and conscious in your work. What part of your work lights you up the most? What type of person are you drawn to? You might have had a customer before that you connected with well. What was it about them that made you feel that alignment?

Being curious and present in your daily routine allows you to feel into the parts of your business that are giving you that drive and buzz, and you can start to understand the type of customer who would be a perfect fit for you.

5. What’s the biggest mistake you see heart-based business owners making when it comes to connecting with their ideal people?

Typically I see people struggle to clearly communicate their message and what they do. I always remind my clients that simple is best!

As heart-based business owners, it’s easy to get caught up in our passion for what we do; and we can express it creatively in a way that makes sense to us but may be confusing for our customers. We need to strip things back, simplify our language and talk to our community in their social language (using our voice!)

6. If you could be remembered for one thing in your life and/or business, what would it be?

I hope to be remembered as someone who empowered female entrepreneurs to passionately change the world with their businesses, no matter how small that change may be.

I want to be remembered for always being accessible, humble and right there with my community, learning and evolving as we all grow on our entrepreneur journeys.

Who is Jenna?


Jenna Black is a business mentor for female entrepreneurs building soul-fuelled businesses.

Specialising in money mindset, business alignment and personal branding, Jenna’s mission is to support women to feel clear, confident and focused on their unique path to success. 

Website link:


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