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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Identifying your ideal reader: how to avoid the #1 mistake (+ free gift)


You already know you need to identify your ideal reader, right?

OK, quick poll: raise your hand if someone’s told you lately you that you need to pinpoint your ideal reader for your copy or blog post or opt-in. (OK, that’s probably a meaningless poll question: I know *I’ve* said it several times, so I’m pretty sure you’ve heard it recently!)

But seriously: it’s pretty much the first thing any marketing guru tells you to do before you start writing. You need to figure out exactly who you’re writing for.

And that’s a good thing. You need to know who you’re writing to, so that you can talk about things they care about, in language they resonate with.

The problem is often in the WAY we’re taught to identify that reader

If you’re anything like me, you were taught that pinpointing an ideal client is about asking a whole bunch of people various questions. Things like…

And don’t get me wrong. Those are GOOD questions. Essential questions, even.

But they’re only useful if you’re asking them to the right people!

So you really need to know who your ideal reader is BEFORE you start questioning them.

What happens if you get this wrong?

Those types of questions above are great for giving you in-depth information about the people you speak to. They’ll allow you to collect a whole heap of data about what those people need help with, what they long for instead, and the language they use to describe it all.

But what if those people aren’t your ideal readers?

In that case, using the information they give you just ends up attracting a whole bunch of other people like them. People who ALSO aren’t your ideal readers.

And that? That’s a recipe for pure, 24-karat frustration.

FREE GIFT: how to identify your perfect readers BEFORE you start asking questions

Earlier last week, I put together a free fillable worksheet to help the people on my New Year, New Opt-in course identify THEIR perfect readers.

It’s designed to pinpoint readers for an opt-in gift (obviously!) but there’s no reason you can’t adapt it and use it for whatever content or copy you’re currently writing.:-)

Curious? As a Crystal Clarity blog reader, you can get it free, no signup required.

Download it today from HERE

Enjoy (and if you have any questions, just hit reply and let me know)!

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