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Struggling to write your latest sales page?

Your gorgeous offering is ready to go, but you’re stressing about the sales page…

You’re sitting in front of a blank screen.  You’ve typed – and retyped – the first sentence five times now.

You want to communicate the awesomeness of your offer… but you don’t want to be hype-y or sleazy about it.  You want copy that makes clicking the “buy now” button a complete no-brainer for your ideal peeps. But you also don’t want to ramble, overpromise or use words that put them off.

You could pay someone else to write the page for you… but that’s just a little too spendy for you right now. Besides. You know you need to learn to do this stuff yourself.

It’s just that… all the sales page “how-to” info you’ve come across has been WAY too generic for your situation.

Why can’t someone just tell you exactly how to write YOUR unique sales page?


Get personalised, 1-2-1 help to plan out (then review) your sales page

An in-depth “DIY Sales Sensational Page Planning + Review” consult is your chance to get expert help to plan and review YOUR individual sales page.

It’s the perfect combination of doing it yourself and getting professional copywriting help. Why? Because not only do you walk away at the end of it with a sensational sales page that clicks, connects and converts… but you ALSO get the experience of doing it yourself, which means you can do it again (and again and again) in future.

Plus, you get the accountability that comes with knowing you need to get the damn page written and back to me before our scheduled review consult.

Just imagine how much money, time and stress that could save you!


What exactly does the DIY Sensational Sales Page Planning + Review consult involve?

This consult consists of two sessions: an initial 60-minute planning session, and then a 30-minute review session. Here’s how the process works:

And you can get all that for $US247 – less than a THIRD of what it would cost you if you got me to write the page for you.


Booking a “DIY Sensational Sales Page Planning + Review” consult is simple…

  1. Click the shiny, blue button below, and go straight through to my booking page.
  2. Choose up to three times that works for you, enter your contact details, and then choose your payment method.
  3. Once your payment’s gone through, you’ll get an email confirming your appointment time, plus a set of pre-consult questions that will make our time on the call as effective as possible.
  4. Answer those questions and fire them back to me at least 48 hours before our initial consult session.  We’ll agree a time for your second session during the initial call.

Then just be there on the call at the agreed time, and BAM!  Your sensational sales page is on its way to actually happening.


Wondering what a consult with me is like? Here’s what previous clients have said…

Web page consult - Michael

Web page consult - Lorraine

Got questions? I’m happy to answer them!

If there’s anything you’d like to ask me about the “Get my web page working NOW!” consult, I’d love to hear from you.  Just pop your details (and your question) in the form below, and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours.