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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

An entrepreneur’s prerogative: yes, you’re ALLOWED to change your mind


This one’s a bit of a personal post: it doesn’t relate directly to copywriting, but it DOES relate to being in business. Almost ANY type of business.

And if you read it to the last section, you’ll see the offer that prompted all the introspection this time around (feel free to take advantage of it if it feels right for you!)

What association does “changing your mind” have for you?

I don’t know about you, but I grew up with mixed messages about changing my mind.

On the one hand, I was taught that being flexible was a virtue. That smart people kept an eye on what was going on around them and adapted accordingly. And that if plan A didn’t work, that was OK: there were 25 other letters in the alphabet.

On the other hand? I was taught that “winners didn’t quit, and quitters didn’t win”. That changing your mind was a sign that you lacked commitment. That your word was your bond, and if you said you were going to do something, then, by gods, you DID it.

It’s no wonder I ended up deeply confused about it all.

That approach had some definite effects on my business

For the majority of my early business life, I tried my hardest not to commit to ANYTHING until I was 100% sure I could deliver on it.

And any time I had to change things up? It felt like an admission of personal failure. A recognition that I hadn’t been on “the right” course to start with. An embarrassing display of flakiness and untrustworthiness

And OMG… the sheer, blinding, teeth-grinding, stomach-clenching HORROR that I might offend someone or let them down.

The result? I often stayed with services, systems, and sometimes people for months after I should have let them go. Which meant extra expenses, extra effort, and extra stress.

Not what you’d call smart business sense.

But more than one of my mentors insists that it’s OK to change your mind

You probably already know I’m a big fan of both Denise Duffield-Thomas and Leonie Dawson.

Both of them are MEGA-successful businesspeeps. And both of them cite being able to change their minds as and when needed as part of what creates that success for them. Check out:

Now. Do some of their customers get upset with them for making those changes? I’m pretty sure the answer is yes: and yet making the changes is what allows them to serve the majority of their customers better.

This week, I changed MY mind about something (and the sky hasn’t fallen)

I’ve made a few business changes myself (direction-related and otherwise) over time – some big, and some small.  Funnily enough, the size of the change is rarely proportional to the stress it causes me.

This week, I decided to extend my early-bird, half-price period for my New Year, New Opt-in training package. Just by a few days.

Not a huge change, in the cosmic scale of things. But from the inner freakout it caused, you’d think I was going off down a whole new business model path.

Here’s WHY I changed my mind

If you follow me on social media and you’re in any of the same groups as me, you’ll know that last week was crazy!town for me.

Tamara (the other half of Team T’n’T editing) and I had a super-tight tight deadline for our latest editing project. Y’know: the one for a certain major publishing house?

It’s been a freaking amazing book to work on, and I’ve loved almost every minute of it. But it also ended up being a LOT more work than we’d planned for. So my poor wee New Year, New Opt-in launch became horrendously neglected.

And I figured that, before I put the package up to full price, it might be a good idea to actually MAKE SURE PEOPLE KNEW IT EXISTED first.


Cue the early bird extension.

And here’s what it means for you

If you’ve already seen my email from last week, or the few social media posts I managed to make during the week, and decided that New Year, New Opt-in isn’t for you? The extension’s not going to mean a thing for you.

And if so, that’s all good. Carry on as you were.

If, however, you haven’t seen anything about it? It means you have an extra three days (till the end of Friday) to check out the package, and decide whether you want it at half-price.


Go check out the New Year, New Opt-in workshop today


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