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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Resource review policy: in the interests of full dislosure…

Yes, there’s a method in my resource review madness

One reason I originally started my blog was to share helpful resources. I wanted to tell readers about ebooks, audios, courses and other tools that made a difference for me as I built Crystal Clarity as a business.

I also wanted to share helpful writing resources. After all, I can’t provide everything for everyone, and if someone else does something you need better than I do, I want to point you to their stuff.  I care about you getting the help you’re looking for – not about who gives it to you!

Now. If you’ve read a few of my reviews, you’ll have noticed that I only write positive ones.  Ditto when I send resource-related emails or feature newsletter shoutouts. And there’s a deliberate reason for that.

If I can’t say anything nice, I won’t say anything

I was brought up on the credo: “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything“. So I have a policy of only publicly reviewing resources I genuinely like. I’ve found plenty of products that haven’t worked for me, and that’s fine. We’re all different, and nothing works for everyone. But you won’t find me reviewing them either.

I also believe in transparency around personal gain

Different people have different thoughts about affiliate products. Here are mine: there’s nothing wrong getting a commission for sales you’ve helped to generate IF you’re honest about it. Incidentally, I see getting a free review product as being much the same as receiving a commission.

So if I stand to gain anything out of a review I write, I’ll tell you in the disclosure statement at the end.  I’ll be completely transparent about any commission I’m going to get if you buy based on my review. I’ll also tell you if I was given a free copy of the resource in exchange for my review.

The bottom line: my personal resource review policy

My policy is that if you see a resource reviewed in my blog, newsletter, or in a solo email* you can be confident that:

If you have ANY questions or concerns about any of my reviews, please just contact me.



* NOTE: you might  also see me linking to a whole range of classes, courses and other interesting-sounding resources on Facebook and Twitter.  For me, social media shout-outs are about letting people know about cool-sounding things I’ve discovered, rather than making recommendations.  That means I won’t always have tried the resources I mention there myself. 

On the other hand, if I haven’t tried it, I won’t be an affiliate for it either. That’s just the way I roll, folks.

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