Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Why set up a guest post or interview?

Let’s face it: our websites don’t exist in a vacuum

Guest posts and interviews are some of our most powerful online network-building tools. Whether you interview someone on your website/blog or guest post on theirs, you both expand your reader base.

Plus, even if we’re both experts at what we do, our readers can always benefit from new ideas and opinions.  So I’m always looking for opportunities to host guest posts that are a good fit for my readers, and to guest post on other sites. Ditto for interviews.

I can write guest posts or answer interview questions about:

I’d love to feature guest posts and interviews from heart-based entrepreneurs who:

If you’d like to write for me, here are my guest post guidelines

  1. Please don’t send me a post without first discussing it with me to make sure it’s a good fit for my readers. I’ll almost always want to agree a specific post topic with you before I book you into my editorial calendar. Remember that my readers are heart-based difference-makers and generally solopreneurs, so any post topics need to be tailored directly to their interests. Generic posts on “Blogging for SEO” or “Guerilla marketing techniques” are just going to turn them off.
  2. If I don’t already know you before you approach me for a guest posting spot, it would be helpful if you could tell me WHY you want to write about that particular topic.  It might also be helpful if you tell me why you’re a good person to write on the topic (e.g. your qualifications or previous experience)
  3. I’m happy for you to include relevant links in your post, or for you to tie the post in to an offering you provide.  However, please don’t simply write a post to sell your product or service – it needs to be about educating, informing and helping my readers, not about selling to them.
  4. If we agree that there’s a good fit, your post needs to be original, which means it can’t have appeared previously on any other site, including your own.  You retain all rights to what you’ve written, but I ask that you not publish it on another website for at least a month after it goes live on my site (otherwise, the search engines can think that one of our sites plagiarised the other, and penalise us for it)
  5. Your post can be anything between 500-1,200 words, but MUST be structured and formatted so that it’s easy for readers to scan onscreen.  That means headings, subheadings, bullet points where relevant, white space, and – ideally – short sentences and paragraphs.  Please be aware that if it’s not written for onscreen readers, I may ask you to redo it.
  6. I probably shouldn’t need to say this but… your post needs to be free from major grammatical or spelling errors.  It doesn’t need to be written in stiff, formal language (I mean, hey, none of mine are!), and the odd split infinitive, sentence fragment or swear word is absolutely fine.  Masses of distracting typos, however, really aren’t – remember I’m a copywriter, folks!
  7. If you’d like to see examples of previous guest posts to get a feel for the topics, style and standard of writing I’m happy to publish, please check them out here.
  8. Finally, please include a <100 word bio and a headshot with your post.  Your bio can include any links or contact details you’d like to share.  You may also want to include an appropriate image for which you have the licencing rights – however, I’m usually happy to find an image for you if you don’t have one.

If you think we could help each other, please talk to me!

If you write about a topic that’s directly relevant to my readers (even if it’s not listed above), I’d love to talk to you about guest posting. And if I might be a good fit with your readers, I’d love to write something for your site too. That goes double for interviews.

Either way, if you think we’d both benefit from making contact, please get in touch to discuss it!

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