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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Resource Review: Leonie Dawson’s “6-figure team” course + coaching call

SixFigureTeam-660x495I used to think I had to do EVERYTHING in my business myself

It probably goes with the territory as a newbie entrepreneur… You know what I mean, right? That sense that you can’t hire help until you’re REALLY earning the big bikkies in your business.

When my business first went live I did do nearly everything myself. I created my site in Weebly, wrote, edited, formatted and uploaded everything. I did my own newsletter. My own email. My own customer service. My own admin. My own design. My own tech stuff.

Really, the only thing I got help with at the start was my tax stuff. Because I knew how dangerous it was to try to go that alone, so I bit the bullet and paid for help.

Fast forward 18 months, and I’ve started to build a team

At first, I just hired a couple of folks for design help with my ebooks covers.  Then I hired someone else to design a WordPress website for me when I outgrew Weebly.  These were just projects that I paid someone to help with… but they were also my first steps out into creating a team for my business.

The moment things really changed for me was when I hired the AWESOMETASTIC TechGoddess Kate Newbill of 2FishWeb. By signing up for her Total Care service, I effectively got to stop worrying about anything related to my website tech.  That freed me up to start creating and delivering programmes like the Introvert’s Guide to Promotion virtual retreat that’s happening this weekend.

Then, in January, I took my second “team-building” step when I realised that Crystal Clarity might have grown big enough to need a VA. It felt weird… in some ways, a little as though I was pretending to be something bigger and more successful than I really was. But at the same time, it felt right, and so I contacted the awesome Tina Robbins, who’s been with me ever since.

I’m pretty sure I couldn’t have made it this far on my own

Without the amazing help that Kate and Tina have given me, I’m pretty sure my business would never have made it this far.  And as I’m planning out the rest of my 2013, I’m also starting to look at what other support I need.

Some kind of project-wrangler-cum-personal-sheep-dog would be awesome.  So would someone who can do all the InstantTeleseminar admin when I run live virtual retreats or 5-week programmes.  So would getting someone to set up my business systems for me (since I don’t seem to be doing nearly as well as I’d like at setting them up myself)

One of the resources I’m using to help me get my head around what skills I need to bring into my team is Leonie Dawson’s “How to Hire, Grow + Keep a Shining Six Figure Team” course.

Here’s what I’m loving about Leonie’s take on building the perfect team for my biz

I downloaded this programme in May when it was first released to the Goddess Circle members, and I’ve browsed through it a couple of times since then.  It’s a great “from-the-ground-up” introduction not just to WHY you should get support… but also a step by step guide to how to make it happen.

The course guide and worksheets start by looking at all the fears and worries you might have about creating a team.  Then they gently and compassionately take you though the nuts and bolts of:

So yeah.  I can see Leonie’s course is going to be a mainstay for me over the next six months – and possibly for far longer.

Plus, at the end of July, she’s running a private group Q&A course-related coaching call

Those of you who know Leonie know she doesn’t offer private coaching often. She tends to focus more on creating new material for her Goddess Circle (sorry, I mean Amazing Biz & Life Academy!) members, which doesn’t leave a lot of time for coaching.

But she’s offering it for this course, which shows you just how important building the right team has been for her business.  And as a Goddess Circle member, I get free access to the call.  So you can BET I’ll be on it.  Why not join me there?

The Quick-n-Dirty Details for the course:


Already an Amazing Biz & Life Academy member?  Why did you join up originally? Has the cost been worth it for you? And what do you think of Leonie’s new “How to Hire, Grow + Keep a Shining Six Figure Team” course?

Not sure if the course is right for you?   Why not check out Leonie’s free goodies page and see if her style appeals to you (it won’t be right for everyone, and that’s totally OK!)

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