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3 website maintenance basics for heart-based biz owners

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Website Superhero Nat and I met over on Halley Gray’s Evolve Internet Domination Facebook group, and later on, went through her League of Business Badasses course together.

She’s a seriously switched-on lady who knows what she’s talking about when it comes to stress-free website operation. So when she offered to share her top 3 tips to help you focus on what you do best instead of panicking about website crashes, of course I said yes!

You’ve got better things to do than fix a broken website, right?

Lemme guess: you feel more pumped and fulfilled when making a difference in your clients’ lives with your work, than when battling with your website backups, or Googling what the hell to do to get your website back from the white screen of death.

You know what your zone of genius is, and it’s not figuring out what broke your website. (That’s cool! We can’t all be stellar at everything, amirite?)


The solution is to set a few genius measures in place to prevent techtastrophes (catastrophes minus the potential cute feline part) so that things flow smoothly and you get to keep your attention where it makes a difference (and the dolla bills): your heart-based business. Ta-dah!

The measures I’m referring to pertain to WordPress website maintenance, dear online business owner, and it’s not rocket science (promise! Even if you feel as clueless as a straight guy stumbling across a Sephora makeup store).


It’s actually a simple science that you can learn to do yourself or assign to your favorite virtual assistant, and which can save you thousands of dollars and spare you countless stress headaches every year – no kidding!

Here are three website maintenance basics that will grant you some well-deserved serenity (the real “ahhhhh” kind, not the George-Constanza-screaming-”SERENITY NOW!”-kind):

  1. Put automated backups in place: You may have heard of backups, which are essentially copies of your website so you can restore and move it around as needed (between test sites, hosts, etc.). This is non-negotiable, my friend. The most comprehensive solution is worth every penny: the plugin Backup Buddy takes care of your updates in the background and makes it easy to bring your website back to life — genius! Free alternatives include BackWPup and BackuptoDropbpox.  Backups are important because if your site gets hacked, or you do a WordPress update and it breaks your site, etc. backups can be “restored,” thus bringing your website back to life. *Happy dance in your yoga pants*
  2. Put automated security measures in place: there are free and paid options, and one of my favorites is both free and fantastic: the Wordfence plugin. It’ll block out hacker bots and notify you if anything happens plus provide recommended steps you can take. Ka-boom! Other options include the iThemes Security plugin and Sucuri.  Security is important because you wanna have a way to give hackers a virtual punch in the face.
  3. Take an hour each month and do your website updates: This doubles as a security measure, as most updates come with security fixes. So why spend an hour when you can do all your updates at once in seconds? Because I’m gonna recommend you do your updates on a test site rather than on your live site. That way, if something moves around or breaks with an update, you can forgo that update on the live site or get it fixed — without leaving your visitors with a halfassed-looking website they’ll wanna click away from.  Doing your updates on a test site is also important because it will help keep you from having to pay a web developer hundreds of bucks — or more — to fix a broken website or rebuild it altogether, which happens when disaster strikes and there are no backups to save the day! Plus, you get to test them this way too. Triple happy hour (I highly recommend a glass of Cabernet, by the way)!

These are three necessary steps to keep your website working properly, and you working on your difference-makin’ biz instead of wasting time fussing over (preventable) techtastrophes. Once these puppies are in place? Boom, you win!


If you wanna learn how to do your website maintenance like a pro so you’re never stuck or lost, my DIY Website Maintenance Course will teach you (or your VA!) everything you need to know in a beginner-friendly style, at your own pace (or you can do it in one afternoon and then hit the pool!)

Plus, I hold your hand and make it as fun as humanly possible, cuz that’s how I roll (who needs dry video tutorials when you’re learning techie shiz? Not you, tootsie pop!).

Click here to get started with 3 free video trainings.


Nat headshotAbout Nat

Natalia Real, a.k.a. Website Superhero, helps world-changers get more clients and make a bigger impact via strategic and beautiful websites.

When not wearing her cape, Nat enjoys taking walks in the sunshine with her pup, looking at pretentious art, and Amy Schumer marathons.

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