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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

2017 highlights: the year in (favourite) blog posts

It’s been an interesting year here at Crystal Clarity

OK, I’m pretty sure I say that every year around this time, but that’s the nature of being a business owner. You do tend to have interesting years. There are highlights and lowlights… but it’s never, EVER boring.

Rather than doing a “here’s what happened last year” review post, however, I thought I’d go back through the various posts I’d written this year and do a roundup of my favourites. (Actually, I might still do the review post. But that’ll come AFTER the New Year break. For now: enjoy this curation of faves that you might have missed!)

January: no more supporting the diet industry

I started the year off with a “New Year, New Resolution” post, in which I explained exactly WHY I no longer work with people who talk about weight loss.

It’s a fairly raw and personal post: I go into my own history of disordered eating in some detail. But I also provide some research and resources that indicate that weight loss isn’t necessarily healthy – and that it may sometimes cause more health problems than it cures.


February: tips to make your copy more engaging

I’d already started to think in terms of a sales page focus by February last year… but before I got into the nitty gritty of sales-page-specific suggestions, I wanted to share some general tips for better copy.

First up was this post on how to make your copy more engaging for your readers. In it, I talk about why your writing needs to engage your readers, and five simple tips to make that happen.


March: what to listen for you as you do ideal client research

Marketing gurus often tell us to talk to our ideal clients to find out what those clients want. But it’s important to recognise that people’s feedback is about more than just the content of the words they speak.

In this post, I share three things you need to listen for in your clients’ feedback that will help you to write compelling-yet-compassionate copy for them.


April: speaking your ideal clients’ language

One of the five keys in February’s “more engaging copy” post was to use the same language that your clients do.

Sometimes, however, that’s easier said than done. So this post goes into more depth about how to figure out which words your clients use (and tells you one thing to avoid doing at all costs that will put them off).


May: how long should a sales page be?

At this point in the year, I’d just started to narrow my focus to sales pages, and my blog posts were beginning to reflect this. I’d also just begun to answer reader questions in my posts – something I’ve discovered I REALLY enjoy and want to do more of.

Reader question #2, from Robyn Kyberd, was about how long sales pages should really be. Not surprisingly, I strongly believe there’s no one right answer for all sales page here. However, there ARE some principles to be aware of that can help you to decide how long yours should be.


July: the best time to get sales page help

June was a crazy!busy month here at Crystal Clarity (and was also when the website tech issue first popped up), so my poor blog got a little neglected.

However, I reappeared in July, answering another sales page question – this one from Claire Barton. Claire wanted to know when the best time to get professional help with your sales page is, and how much of it you should do yourself first.

Again, the answer will vary from person to person (and from copywriter to copywriter!) From my perspective – as I shared in this post – you DO need a few things in place first. After that, it depends on factors that are unique to you and your individual situation.

Blog post: when's the best time to get help with your sales page?

August: the cascading sales and marketing FUBAR

In August, I’d had one of those customer experiences that was so bad, I couldn’t stop myself from writing about it. In this post, I talk about the 7 lessons I took from this sales and marketing FUBAR.

(NOTE: For those who don’t recognise this military acronym, it stands for “F-ed Up Beyond All Recognition: feel free to choose your own fill-in word for the “F”.)

If you enjoy the rare occasions where I get ranty, you’ll like this post – and hopefully, you’ll find the lessons I took from the experience useful too.


September: lessons from #ladyposse2017

The Heart Centred Business Conference at the beginning of September was a freaking AMAZING experience. But what I found most powerful was the VIP day, and the personalised business advice I got from the day.

I came back from the conference all fired up with changes I wanted to make in my business. Some of them have stuck, and some haven’t. (For example, I decided at the last minute that doubling the price of my sales page package just didn’t feel in alignment. So I didn’t.)

But if you’re curious about where my mind was right after I got back, this post about overall learnings from the conference will tell you.


October: the top 3 sales page mistakes

By this point in the year, my sales page focus was well and truly established. So in this post, I wanted to talk about some of the most common sales page mistakes I saw.

Any of these mistakes will make it harder for your ideal client to see the value in what you offer. And that, in turn, will often keep them from buying from you – so I wanted to let readers know how to avoid these mistakes in the first place.


November: what exactly IS a sales page (and why it matters)

Something I’d realised during one of my workshops last year is that not everyone understood exactly what a sales page is. And it isn’t simply “any page you can buy from”.

The definition is important, because some of the principles of good sales pages just won’t work on other types of pages (even if you can buy stuff on those pages). And there are some types of pages that don’t involve selling in which you NEED to use the principles.

So a definition seemed like a useful thing!


December: how do you sell without being sales-y?

Finally, my last post this year was all about how to write a sales page that sells effectively WITHOUT being sales-y.

This was another response to a reader question, and it was one I loved answering because I know it’s something that frustrates and confuses a lot of readers. If you’ve ever despaired about writing an effective page – one that clicks, connects and converts – without being annoying, put this post on your “must read” list!


And that was 2017. Now, what would you like for NEXT year?

So that was my previous twelve months summed up in favourite blog posts.

Now I want to ask: what would YOU like in 2018? What specific topics would you like to see me covering? What sales-page-related questions can I answer for you (and give your business a shoutout when I do)?

Let me know below in the comments!

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