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More than just writing, Tanja helped me clearly understand my sales funnel

Sabrina PriestI needed copy for the new website I was building. I wasn’t sure how to convey my message in writing myself; but at the same time, I worried that the wrong copywriter might not be able to get my voice. Plus, I wanted someone who was experienced and versatile enough to write for coaches on a budget.

Tanja wrote four new pages of copy for me in a tight timeframe. More than just writing, though, she helped me to clearly understand and follow my sales funnel from my readers’ viewpoints.

Her copy also helped me to realise that I’d been trying to build the wrong kind of site; and then communicate with my web design team about what I wanted instead. That saved me a mass of time: what had taken me 2 months to get in place without text took only a week to revamp armed with Tanja’s copy.

She was thorough and organized, ensuring that she understood everything she needed to about my work to convey my voice properly. I thoroughly recommend Tanja’s services to other coaches!

Sabrina Priest, GPS for Your Business


Tanja saved me time and made it super-easy to get my promotions in gear!

Sallie_KeysI initially contacted Tanja because I needed help with relaunching three of my programs.  I’d had some experience with writing copy, but I knew I needed expert help with structuring it and making it sales-focussed.  I’d checked out her website and loved the way I could feel her voice shining through in what she’d written. I knew if she could to that for herself, she could do it for me too.

I really like the way she asked so many questions to start with: she really got inside the mind of my ideal client and understood my offerings.  Then she communicated that knowledge in a concise, easy-to-read way that incorporated her knowledge of sales and marketing.  She even gave me social media posts to go along with my launch that saved me a bunch of time and made it super-easy to get my promotion efforts in gear.

Thanks so much, Tanja!  You’re great at what you do, and I’ll be back for more help from you (and recommend your services to others) in the future for sure!

Sally Keys, Manifest Abundance Now


From the very first strategy session with Tanja, I relaxed…

CarolynYoderI needed copy for my new ‘Peace after Trauma’ website, and realized that the formal writing style I was used to probably wouldn’t work. I spent hours writing and rewriting drafts of my home page, wondering if I was on the right track, and whether I could be using my time better.

I thought about hiring a copywriter, but worried that they wouldn’t “get” the material, or that they’d be too casual for the topic. From the very first strategy session with Tanja, though, I relaxed. She evidently understood my subject area, and quickly zeroed in on exactly what should go on the home page. What a relief!

Tanja was flexible and patient as I adjusted to a more personal way of writing that connected with my reader. She saved me time and helped me feel far more confident about writing my own copy in future (plus, I love my new website!) I’m very glad I engaged her!

 Carolyn Yoder, (coming soon)


My results were fantastic: over 1000 optins and 7% of those bought!

Jenn August1I was creating a campaign that was bigger than anything I’d ever done before, and I knew I’d need help putting it together. I’d never hired a copywriter before either, so I worried whether I could translate what I wanted to say into something someone else could run with and improve.

Tanja helped me to not only refine my message, but also to get clear about each part of the campaign and how it all wove together. And the end results were fantastic: over 1,000 people opted into my free event, and over 7% signed up to be a part of the Women’s Success Tribe Community – Yeah!

I feel as though my intuition to hire Tanja was dead on. She managed to get inside my head and help me organize my thoughts more clearly. She poured her heart and soul into my project and helped to transform my vision into a powerful reality. She was, quite simply, brilliant, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services!

Jenn August, Women’s Success Tribe


My sales increased dramatically… and my program material itself was clearer…

Mere_email_squareI’ve had issues in the past with creating clear sales pages that got me the results I needed, so I asked Tanja to help with the copy for my latest training program.

She asked me great questions, then translated my answers into clear, authentic opt-in and sales page copy that made it easy for people to determine whether my training was right for them.

Tanja’s work has increased my community list, while ensuring that I attracted the “right” people to my tribe.  My sales increased dramatically – plus, working with Tanja also helped me to make the program material itself clearer.  I’ve already recommended her to other business friends who need copywriting help, and will continue to do so!”

Meredith CanaanCanaan Coaching


Clarity, confidence, and thousands of dollars of extra revenue…

Erin OBrienI started writing the sales pages of my new Inbox Bootcamp offering … but got stuck.  Even though I’d gotten feedback from my mastermind group, I still couldn’t get the pages past the “half-ready” stage.  I felt overwhelmed and unmotivated. After a few days of going round in circles, I decided it was time to call in a professional copywriter!

Before I started working with Tanja, I wasn’t sure whether she’d would be able to write in my voice (because the last thing I wanted was for my copy not to sound like me!)  Plus, I was worried that the whole process would be time-consuming and cumbersome. I didn’t want long meetings and endless rounds of feedback.

I’m happy to say my concerns were unfounded.  Tanja helped me clarify what I was offering, communicate it clearly, and then gave me a clear, simple, step-by-step process I could follow. My ideas were turned into great copy.

And the results? I filled ALL the free session spaces, and got a a good number of paying clients as well – that was thousands of dollars of extra revenue.  But more than that, I’m now far more confident that I can pull off a sales campaign in future. It’s not as scary as I thought! Thanks, Tanja – I’ll definitely suggest your services to other people!

Erin O’


Writing powerfully yet in a way that doesn’t alienate my ideal clients requires a very delicate balance…

LorraineWhen I first contacted Tanja, I was struggling with the copy for my revamped website.  I knew my web pages needed to be more about my clients and their needs and painpoints, but I couldn’t figure out how to write them that way.  If I’ve learned one thing recently, it’s that we therapists should NOT try to write our own copy!

I was initially concerned that Tanja wouldn’t be able to write in my voice, and that as a non-therapist, she wouldn’t be able to connect with my clients and touch their pain. (Note: I’m a Licensed Addictions Counsellor, which means writing powerfully yet in a way that doesn’t alienate my ideal clients requires a very delicate balance!)  However, I was truly impressed by how well we worked together, and how easy communicating exactly what I needed to her was.

She asked all the right questions: in-depth ones that cut right to the heart of my clients’ painpoints. Then she used her intuition to take my answers and weave amazing, client-attracting  copy from them in a very short timeframe.  I’d recommend Tanja to other therapists without hesitation – she was easy to work with, organized and efficient, and took much of the stress out of launching a new website for me.

Lorraine Bockman, Comprehensive Addictions Solutions


Copywriting support for a multiple six-figure launch…

ryan_200 for www.ryaneliason.comI’m a pretty good copywriter myself, but I know it’s always helpful to get an outside perspective.  And as my Visionary Business Mastery program launch approached, I was swamped.  I had existing copy I wanted to improve, new copy that needed writing… and I knew I needed support.  I hoped Tanja would be able to help save me time and improve my conversion rate.

Initially, I was concerned that she wouldn’t be able to write in my voice, and that she’d suggest a load of unnecessary changes that wouldn’t end up improving on what I’d written. However, as she looked first through my registration page, then my emails and swipe copy, the feedback she gave me was great.  Plus she wrote some fresh copy for me too!

The program launch went extremely well – quickly becoming a multiple six-figure event. To be fair, this was my third multiple six-figure launch, so I’m pretty sure it would have been successful regardless; but I’m just as certain that Tanja’s support was part of the success this time.

I’ll use the copy Tanja worked on for me over and over again in future launches; and I’ve happily added her to my “Rolodex of Resources” – the list of the tools and providers I recommend to all my clients.

Ryan Eliason,  http://www.socialentrepreneurempowerment.com


Transforming a bundle of words +a vague outline into magical copy + increased signups…

Mary JoyceI worked with Tanja to write a series of copy for a Multi Speaker Online event that included the sign up page, sales page and follow up email sequences. She also created all the social media updates and the marketing pack for our affiliate partners.

We were under such a tight schedule and were unclear exactly what we wanted, so it was a relief to just hand a basic concept over to Tanja who delivered awe- inspiring results within a short timeframe.  She made the whole process effortless and wove a beautiful thread through all the messaging that tied the whole event together and really spoke to our audience.

I’d really recommend working with Tanja, as she delivers what she promises and has a knack of getting the best out of you with the questions she asks. It was such a relief to work with a total pro who was able to take a bundle of words and a vague outline, and transform it into magical, compelling copy that converted into increased signups to the event.

Thanks, Tanja x

Mary Joyce, +


Compelling copy that resulted in hundreds of extra telesummit signups

Tricia DyckaWhen I first contacted Tanja, I was going crazy trying to write the copy for a major, 22-speaker telesummit. I was going round and round in my own mind, fighting to communicate the message I knew I wanted, but totally unable to pin it down. I didn’t know if I could even make myself clear in a copywriting brief!

Tanja used her magic to see through all my garbled thoughts and create a clear, concise, compelling message. In fact, her copy was so compelling and easy to understand that it resulted in hundreds of extra signups to the telesummit. That’s hundreds more people who’ll hear the message about following their dreams and never giving up!

I would absolutely use Tanja’s services again, and I highly recommend her to other telesummit organizers.

Tricia Dycka,


I recommend Tanja for messages that pop out and meet the audience…

JoAnn HMTanja worked successfully with me in a tight schedule to help me produce the copy for a successful telesummit.   I needed her talents to write copy for my Entrepreneurial Breakthrough to Success & Significance teleseminar series. (A friend and I had attempted to write a draft but it just wasn’t professional enough to get the points across to our readers.)

Over the course of the project, we created a co-ordinated, compelling campaign of web pages, an affiliate email, and a social media campaign. The copy Tanja produced led to compliments from readers who were copywriters or more experienced internet marketers.

I recommend Tanja for those who want marketing success with messages that pop out and meet the audience with benefits and results.

Jo Ann Hammond-Meiers, Coaching Flow Success


From questions to ideas to a compelling story

monica-croppedI recently asked Tanja to create a sales page for my upcoming five-week programme. I knew I had a unique story to tell around it, but I wanted to make sure my ideas came across clearly.

Tanja asked me just the right questions to bring my ideas to the surface, and then wove everything together into a compelling story that’s easy for my readers to follow. I now have an amazing sales page that I’m proud to send my readers to. And less than a week after it went live, I’ve had nearly 500 hits on it.

Tanja did a wonderful job of accommodating my request at very short notice. She was friendly, focussed and to the point as we worked together – finishing my page in record time. I’d happily recommend her to anyone who wants help writing clear, compelling sales page copy.

Monica Popa,


Tanja is truly a master in her field!

Jack and Soorya ReselsSoorya and I had been working on our website for a while, and were thoroughly stuck. We’d written a lot of content, but weren’t sure how well it reflected us, and how effectively it would read to our audience. I’d hesitated to approach a copywriter because I wasn’t sure how well they’d understand our business and the needs of our audience.

Tanja made the time and effort to really understand us and our readers. She helped us identify and clearly highlight the true “gold nuggets” in our existing text. She tightened up our website and autoresponder copy, and taught us a huge amount about effective writing. Then, when we tested out what she’d written with a real-life ideal client, they couldn’t suggest a single change!

Her excellent work was on time and below budget – a rare combination. I feel so much more confident now that when our clients read our website, they’ll clearly understand how we can help them. Tanja was easy to contact, respected our timelines, and made our experience easy and enjoyable. She is definitely a master in her field!

 Jack & Soorya Resels,


Tanja offered brilliant writing coaching that helped me to connect with my readers…

Testimonial from Maria Baeck of Wholistic Visions“I’d been tinkering with my website for nearly a year before I realised it was really time to take the leap. I wasn’t sure if my copy was getting my message across, and asked Tanja for feedback – half-scared that she’d tell me I needed to completely rewrite the whole thing.

Tanja quickly eased my fears, offering brilliant writing coaching that helped me turn my writing around. She showed me in clear, easy steps how to change my underlying tone to one that created a connection with my readers and made them feel included. Best of all, I’ve been able to take what I learned from her as we worked on that website, and apply it to a new business I’ve since launched in a completely different industry.

Tanja has significantly increased my confidence in my own writing. Her ability to coach, analyse readability, and – respectfully, encouragingly – help you open the doors to your own skills is masterful. She’s a wonderful resource to have, and I would gladly recommend her services.”

Maria Baeck, Wholistic Visions


Easy to work with, always encouraging, and terrific business advice…

Copywriting testimonial from Gina George of Nurture Yoga“Working with Tanja is just brilliant! When I first contacted her, I was feeling frustrated because I wasn’t sure how to communicate what was so special about Nurture Yoga.

Tanja coached me through the process of figuring out what was most important to my customers, then turned that into clear, concise language that’s still authentically “me”. Her sales copy even made me want to buy my own products!

And it’s not just the super copywriting – she’s easy to work with, always encourages me, and offers terrific business advice. It’s no wonder I’ve just asked her to write my second website for me!”

Gina George, Nurture Yoga


Working with Tanja was the best decision I made!

Copywriting testimonial from Andrea Owen of Your Kick-ass Life“I dragged my feet for MONTHS writing copy for specific pages of my website. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t seem to come up with the right words (and I’m a writer!) I had also never worked with a copywriter before and was nervous about putting this in someone else’s hands.

Working with Tanja was the best decision I made! I was completely elated when I opened up the email and she had beautifully crafted what I could not. Her talent is genius! All my fears were put to rest 100%. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner. She was professional, delivered more than was promised and was great at listening to any changes that I needed.

I cannot express how much relief I feel now that this project is done, one that I thought I would never finish! I will definitely be hiring Tanja again!”

Andrea Owen, Your kick-ass life


I struggled to define my niche and message until I found Tanja…

Copywriting testimonial from Lorraine Faehndrich of Radiant Life Design“When I began working with Tanja I was struggling to define my niche and put my message into words. I knew in my heart what they were. But trying to decide on a clear concise message that incorporated the key aspects of who I was and what I offered as a coach was proving to be a monumentally frustrating task. It was taking up a lot of my time and energy and I wasn’t getting anywhere, until I found Tanja!

In just a few days, she synthesized pages and pages of my writing down to the nuggets that really expressed what I offer in a way I feel great about! Tanja not only wrote brilliant copy for my website, she helped me to get clear and move forward in my business with confidence and renewed energy and passion!

If you’re feeling frustrated trying to capture your message in words let Tanja help you! It’s likely to be the best thing you can do for yourself or your business.”

Lorraine Faehndrich, Radiant Life Design


If I had to sum up my reaction to Tanja’s work, it would be WOW!

“I was definitely nervous about asking someone to proof and edit the About Me page for my website-to-be. The last thing I wanted was some stuffy, superior academic writer type choking all the life and style out of my words with a dry, boring “Thou Shalt Write Like THIS” set of rules.

But Tanja made me feel really safe while we worked together. I loved all her suggestions and amendments to what I’d originally written. Her feedback was precise and informative (the woman is super skilled, with some serious natural teaching ability!), and she worked quicker than I would’ve believed to get her comments back to me.

If I had to sum up my reaction to Tanja’s work in one word it would be WOWWWWW! She’s made an amazing contribution to my website. Really amazing, and I can’t wait to get her working on my next project!”

Leila Lloyd-Evelyn, (website in progress)

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