Upcoming changes for the Crystal Clarity tribe

CC Changes 2015

A couple of weeks ago, I told my introvert tribe about the business changes I had planned

It was a pretty raw, honest post in which I acknowledged that things just weren’t working for me in my business as they stood. If you’re curious, you can read the full “The times, they are a’changing” post over on my Conscious Introvert blog.

If you’d just like the Cliff’s notes version, it’s probably best summed up as:

  • I realised I was getting stretched WAY too thin trying to focus on both copywriting AND introvert work at the same time. My business was covering its own expenses, but not paying anything at all for me – nor was it allowing me the time to live the kind of lifestyle I wanted.
  • Even when I was intently focussing building my introvert coaching business as a primary earner, my copywriting work was still providing more than 90% of my income. So if I had to decide between the two, it really wasn’t a hard choice.
  • I couldn’t help wondering: if my copywriting work could do that much for me when I wasn’t focussing on it, how much better might it work if I was?
  • On that basis, I was going to back right off on my introvert work – demote it to a “passionate hobby”- and instead, focus full force on copywriting, editing and proofreading for my business. That might not be a forever decision – nothing ever is in my world – but it was definitely a “for now” one.

In other words, from now on – at least for the short-term future – y’all are going to be where I’m putting 95% of my business focus.

That change in focus seems to already be paying off

You know how sometimes, it really does feel like the Universe is tapping you on the shoulder and saying, “Hey babe! Just want you to know you’ve made the right decision. Well done – keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll be fine!”?

Well, that’s kind of how I’ve been since I made that decision. In the fortnight-or-so since that point, I’ve had no fewer than:

  • Two previously-sporadic corporate clients who’ve asked me to block in regular hours for them over the next few months.
  • Two other “ideal niche” clients who’ve actively booked me to write web pages, social media profiles and video scripts for them.
  • THREE potential book editing clients ask for quotes for the books they’re currently writing.

And I haven’t even started DOING anything differently yet (PS: thanks bigtime, Universe: more please!)

So yes. It definitely feels like I’m on the right track for the meantime.

So here’s what that focus change is likely to mean for you…

That zooming in of my focus to my copywriting work isn’t just going to affect my introvert tribe – it also means there’ll be a few changes around here too!

  • Blog post frequency: for a start, you can expect to see more regular blog posts (although I’m going to try to make them a tad shorter!) I’m going to aim for a weekly post – although I freely acknowledge that sometimes it might be two-weekly instead.
  • Newsletter frequency and structure: secondly, if you’re a Crystal Writing Tips subscriber, you’ll start hearing from me twice a month, instead of the current once. The emails will probably also be a bit shorter – and I might restructure them a little so I can write and send them out more efficiently.
  • New free Crystal Writing Tribe community: my free heart-based introvert Facebook community has been one of my most popular offerings in my introvert work, and I’d like to set something similar up for you guys in my copywriting tribe.
  • Freebies and courses: finally, because I’ve been so focussed on the introvert side of my business, it’s been a long time since I released any copywriting-related materials – free or paid. I really want to change that, and have a couple of ideas for products I’d like to get in the works for you.
  • Client project work: I’ll also – theoretically – have more time available for copywriting client projects. That said, I’m now booked out for new client projects until mid-July. And if these two corporate client bookings go through, I’ll need to extend new project start times even further into August. So, as usual, if you have web pages, ebooks, video scripts or launch campaigns you need help with, you’ll want to get in touch sooner, rather than later.

Questions? Concerns? Thoughts? Let me know!

Changes can always be a bit disconcerting – especially if you’re not sure whether – or how – they’ll affect you.

Hopefully, I’ve made that totally clear in the previous section – but of course, if you have any questions, you can pop them in the comments below, or contact me directly to ask.

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