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Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.

Crystal Clarity Copywriting

Go. Change the world. Leave the writing to me.


Effective opt-ins #2: Identifying the right topic – 3 questions you need to ask


NOTE: this is the second in a series of six posts about creating effective opt-ins.  You can find the first post, which introduced the series, here. I’ll be publishing the remaining posts in the series over the next few weeks. If you have any questions about this step – or any of the others in […]

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5 steps to creating an effective opt-in – series intro


Every email list starts with an effective opt-in You can stay in touch with your tribe in all kinds of different ways – but one of the staples is through an email newsletter. Of course, writing an awesome newsletter is one thing. Actually getting people to read it is another. With spam laws today, it’s […]

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Do people really read differently onscreen?


What’s this claim that people read differently onscreen, then? Back when I was originally learning how to write for the Web, the first thing my teacher said was, “People don’t actually read copy onscreen: they scan it.” It’s a pretty provocative statement; and not everyone agrees with it. For example, in his book “Persuasive Copywriting”, […]

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Marketing Strategy the Heart-Centred Way – Interview with Tash Corbin


Back in my post about writing to connect, I promised I’d introduce you to some of the awesome heart-centred marketing strategists I know. I’m kicking the introductions off with Tash Corbin: coach and mentor for women who want to build fabulous, feminine businesses. I’ve pretty much signed up for everything of Tash’s that I’ve been […]

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Why great copywriting doesn’t happen in isolation


  Here’s the simple truth: writing your business copy is NOT a solitary pursuit Wait. Let me amend that statement: parts of it might be. So, OK, when you sit down at your computer and make words appear on a blank screen?  Yes, sure, that part of copywriting is usually solitary.  And you can do […]

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Writing to connect: 5 reasons your business NEEDS you to write copy that connects


You’ve probably heard that online readers have short attention spans Over and over, I keep hearing that “people nowadays have incredibly short attention spans”.  Depending on who you ask, from the moment someone lands on your page you have 10-20 seconds, 15 seconds, or even just FIVE seconds to get their attention. OK, regardless of […]

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Successful Client Profile: How Gail O’Keeffe increased her subscribers (and sales) with better copy

Gail profile

Introducing Gail O’Keeffe: mindset mentor and EFT expert Tell me if any of the situations below feel just a little too familiar: Your task list looks item-for-item the same as it has for the past three weeks, because you just can’t get the important things crossed off You keep being presented with amazing opportunities, and […]

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Guest post: Finding your authentic marketing voice

One of THE most common questions I get from clients is how to write effective copy that still reads as though it’s authentically in their own voice. Marketing coach Marcia Yudkin understands how hard that can be. Her post today gives some great tips on how to either do it yourself, or ensure anyone you […]

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“It’s your choice”: how to increase “yes”s by DECREASING the pressure


Hate it when people make sweeping assumptions about you? Me too! You know what really annoys me? People who insist that they know me better than I know myself. Y’see, I like to think of myself as a pretty self-aware person. And you already know I’m one of the world’s biggest “No one right way” […]

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Say “bye bye” to writer’s block with a personalised writing ritual

mindful ritual

Today’s post is the 11th in a series of 14  instalments in the “Mindful Habits” blog tour, hosted by Sarah Hawkins of True North Business Management. It’s designed to help bring more mindfulness to the way you do business – and life!  Ritual: the difference between wooing inspiration and forcing it OK. You need to […]

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