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Sue Kearney and I first met in Leonie’s Academy, and we’ve both guest posted on each others’ sites before. She’s an amazing brand and web design specialist who’s uniquely qualified to talk about how your branding can integrate your heart’s mission and your soul’s purpose – and the natural results that happen when they do.

As a copywriter, of course, I focus on the magic that the right words can bring to your website.  But there’s a whole other dimension outside of the words, and that’s where Sue excels.  Here’s what she has to say on the subject

Yes, your brand can reflect your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose, and much magic happens when it does

When your brand and all its components — logo, website, marketing copy, social media — reflect and integrate your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose, what happens?

You are rolling out a sacred red carpet that connects your heart to the heart of your clients you know you are meant to serve.

It’s like your ideal client hears her name whispered in a crowded room. You may be whispering, but since you are whispering her name, she hears you clearly, and she pays attention.

That feeling of safety and welcome your red carpet creates through marketing that connects heart-to-heart makes your ideal client feel seen, heard, and understood.

When this happens, she will want to stay connected with you after her first visit to your website (become a subscriber), she will share what you offer with others (a raving fan), and buy your products and programs (a paying client). This is powerful for you and your business, because you will be filling your list, and your business/practice, with only the people you want to be working with, the people who need your unique gifts and services.

That’s a huge turnaround right there. When you can carry your vision and your mission and purpose into every aspect of your branding, you are narrowing the funnel of who will end up talking to you, asking you questions, and hiring you, in the very best way.

[Just slightly off-topic, but not really] If you are a soulpreneur like me, you do your own pretty much everything, including sales.

Have you ever noticed that you’ve spent too much of your valuable time giving away free Discernment Sessions, and then found that you’ve done so with a prospect that probably won’t hire you and who certainly doesn’t match your carefully constructed vision of your ideal client?

Getting really clear about who your ideal client is and what she needs allows you to arrange your marketing and branding so that every word and image is written from your heart to the heart of the right clients. Free yourself and your Discernment Session schedule for the clients you were put here to help, and increase the likelihood of filling your practice with the people who light you up (as you do them!). [returning to topic]

Let’s look at three big benefits of hiring a designer who is not only good at making things pretty, but who is also committed to your success via branding and marketing that connects your heart to the heart of your ideal client

When you team up with a designer and branding maven whose mission it is to help you clarify and express your own mission and purpose, you don’t have to work as hard.

For example, in any branding and design work I do (Unmask Your Brand), I create a strong foundation for my clients by first — before any design work is done — taking them on a journey called Unmask Your Brand’s True Essence, a set of exercises that helps you identify and clarify the ideas and qualities that, once expressed, will make it easy for you to attract the right prospects in a deep, lasting, and meaningful way. This removes so much worry and guesswork!

When your collaborator on your website is completely open to co-creating a project scope that works for you and your budget, you can relax, knowing that you get to take on just as much as your comfort level allows, and delegate the rest.

Everyone’s relationship to their website is different. Some of my clients don’t want to do any of the work themselves, and ask me to take on the whole thing, from concept to launch. Some clients are code-savvy, and want me to provide them with a web design that they will then transmute into a working website.

Many clients fall somewhere in between. I honor my clients’ beautiful individuality, and am happy to create projects descriptions and requirements that fit your circumstances perfectly. It’s much scarier, I find, to work with someone who gives me an hourly rate with no way of knowing what the final total will be. Find someone who gives you a flat rate, get really clear about what that covers (and doesn’t) at the beginning, and relax.

When you team up with an expert on heart-centered marketing, you can have the support you crave and deserve as you take what you want to offer, and for whom, and put your words together in a way that makes your ideal client want to brew a cup of tea, kick of her shoes, and stay a while with you.

One of my mottos is that in a website that gets you what you want (a business/practice filled by the people you are meant to serve), you speak to and about your ideal client before you ever speak about yourself. This one little thing automagically sets up that red carpet feeling, making your ideal client feel that she has finally found the right person and the right offers!

A bit of self-promotion

I love doing websites, and now I only take four website clients each year, so I can give each project my full attention. I work in WordPress, so you get a website you can keep current as you go, of course with an integrated blog. I am lining up my 2015 web clients right now.

If you’d like to talk with me about the possibility of working together on your next website, please use this link to book a no-strings call with me, because, of course, fit matters. Even if you don’t know if it’s a website you need, or maybe a new or revised logo, or help with your marketing copy or social media, book a call. We can figure it out together.


Sue_K_12crop350 (1)Bio: Sue Kearney

I’m the Chief Inspiration Officer at Magnolias West, a branding and web design practice. I dance, DJ, make art, garden, cook, make herbal remedies, and ferment kombucha and ’kraut. I study astrology and tarot, and I practice and facilitate women’s spirituality.

I work with passionate visionaries and healers who want to serve their ideal clients in their business or practice. As I mentioned in the article, Unmask Your Brand takes you on a journey that helps you integrate your heart’s mission and soul’s purpose with every aspect of your marketing.

So many ways to connect! Try my website: Magnolias West. You can also join the conversation on my blog, subscribe to my newsletter full of business practices and tips both spiritual and down-to-earth, and connect with me on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.



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